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November 10, 2015


Justin & Tuyen live in the great state of California, in one of my favorite cities – San Francisco, and they were coming to Oahu for a friend’s wedding. Prior to their arrival on the island, Justin and I had spoken about doing a proposal session while they were here. He was super nervous and almost got cold feet, but he knew he wanted to marry Tuyen. These stunning gentlemen have been together for nearly 7 years. So it was only a matter of time before one of them popped the question. 🙂

Well, things did not work out how he planned. Justin wanted to bring Tuyen to the beach to take some “couples photos” and bam, pop the question in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Instead, the story goes like this:

They checked into their hotel in Waikiki. They decided to take a nap (they were a bit jetlagged) and didn’t wake up until the next day! That morning, groggy and looking for a shirt, Tuyen went into a duffel bag that Justin had brought. Instead of his shirt, he found the smaller bag the box with the ring was in. Opening it, Tuyen saw the ring and immediately gave Justin 100 panicked questions: “Who is this for?”,“Are you cheating on me?”,“Did someone give you this ring and you haven’t told me?”,“Are you breaking up with me in Hawaii?”

I’m laughing as they are telling me the story because now, when I hear it, it is the silliest thing ever! Justin was crying, begging Tuyen to listen, and instead just dropped to his knee in the hotel room and told him “It was for you, I was planning to ask you to marry me… so will you marry me?” Tuyen said yes, and he felt like a complete jerk for freaking out and asking all of the questions, but was so happy to be engaged to Justin!

We were driving to their session and had our minds set on a certain place out on the westside. Just out of nowhere, I asked them what they thought about using a field before we went to the beach. They were game for anything! It was starting to rain, but that did not stop us– in fact I think the harder the rain fell, the closer they held one another!

Justin & Tuyen, I cannot wait until you announce the date of your wedding!! I loved being your Oahu LGBT Photographer, and I am stoked to come to San Fran – or where ever you decide to say “I do” – and watch you guys finally unite as one! Thank you for allowing me to capture not only the first photos you have together, but something as special as engagement photos!



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