North Shore Family Adventure | Haole Girl

natural light

March 26, 2015


I was contacted by this beautiful family a few months ago. They were coming from all over the mainland to gather on Oahu and wanted to capture this special time with some family photos.

We met on the North Shore to enjoy a beautiful evening in a home that they had rented on the beach, and from there, we had so many different shooting locations to choose from! I wanted to capture the home that they rented as well as the grounds (which were so green and beautiful). Then, as sunset approached, we went down to the beach to capture some amazing memories! (I even had the kids thinking there was a pirate ship out in the water that we were going to get to see if they smiled—hey, sometimes you have to bribe for smiles!)

This whole family was amazing. It was clear they enjoyed being together, and it was nice to have three generations worth of people there! With Grandma and Grandpa around to play with their 5 grandkids, you know it was a blast. I’m so glad that these fantastic people contacted me to do their family photos!




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