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March 24, 2015


I had been waiting for sweet baby Theodore’s arrival for a few weeks after Mom contacted me to book a session for her fourth baby. I asked his name, and Mom told me it was a secret (though I asked a few more times anyway). She told me that I would know at the shoot—she was planning on bringing blocks with his name so we could make a photo to announce it to the family.

When the family (and Grandma too!) arrived, I asked the baby’s name, and the kids told me, “His name is Baby Squishy.” Now . . . I know that they would not have named him Squishy. This had to be his alias. Mom and Dad had programmed the kids so well not to tell the baby’s name that they couldn’t even remember that his real name was Baby Theodore! But once everything was settled, I was delighted to get to find out his name!

Baby Theodore (aka Squishy) sure has the love of all his brothers and sisters—they clearly adore him! Each of them could not wait to take a photo with the baby! Then, we were able to get some sibling photos (which Mom thought were going to be impossible). Everyone sat for me, smiled, and took turns holding Baby Squishy.

We were even able to get Grandma in on the action with the grandkids! It was so nice to get the whole family involved, and I can tell Theodore definitely has lots of love in his life already!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special moment in your lives. I’m so thrilled to finally meet your baby boy. Give my love to Squishy—I mean Theodore. 🙂



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