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April 9, 2015


I’ve never met a 3-month-old as happy and content as Baby Lilly. (She must get it from her beautiful Mommy—her mom was just so sweet and easygoing, my favorite type of parent!)

Lilly wanted nothing more than to just be happy! It’s nice to just relax and let babies do their thing—and the photos usually turn out so much better when we do. This beautiful girl just spent her time looking around, smiling, drooling—and even trying to eat my flokati rug! What a doll. She especially loved having her tongue out in a bunch of the photos—Mom said that is kind of her own little trademark.

We even managed to get Lilly to wear some adorable football leg warmers and bloomers so Daddy could have a special photo. She was just up for anything!

Thank you, Mom, for sharing this special time with me and allowing me to forever freeze the memory of Lilly being 3 months. I know time will fly, and I can’t wait to keep watching her grow!



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