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June 11, 2015

Shortly after they arrived in Oahu, the Hildebrandts contacted me and asked if I would be able to capture some pictures of their family on the beach. They are now lucky enough to call this beautiful state “home,” so they felt it was time to get some beach photos on their walls. They also wanted to get some images of their daughter, Hudson, who had just reached her 6-month milestone.

We decided on a sunrise session on Bellows Beach, but with the summer months getting into full swing, we had to be at the beach by about 5:20am! It was definitely an early wake-up call for everyone and Hudson was 100% not thrilled with the idea of being anywhere that early, even the beach. But we made it work.

A few snacks and a milk break later, we were able to get some photos out of her, and then she decided she was done with picture day. But the images we did get of her were golden! I think she really enjoyed “flying” in Mom and Dad’s arms. Then, I snuck in a few photos of just Mom and Dad, because it’s always important to capture just the two of them—especially because they hadn’t had photos alone for a while.

Thank you, Hildebrandt family, for being willing to wake up before anyone on Oahu to join me at the beach for a beautiful family session. I hope you will enjoy these memories for years to come, and I’m so glad to welcome you to your new home here!



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