Pennington Family | Oahu Aloha Session | Haole Girl


October 20, 2015


For the last 3 years, I have been honored to photograph the Pennington family, but sadly, their time on Oahu has come to an end, and they are headed to a new adventure.

These have been seriously some rock star clients. Annie has referred countless people to me, shouted my name from the rooftops, and sent me photos every time they make a canvas or a print! She’s never told me where she wants pictures; she just says, “You pick. Take us to your favorite spot. We trust you.” I’ve been humbled that she has such confidence in me!

I knew that I wanted their last photos in Hawaii to be special, and I wanted to find a place that wasn’t obviously in Hawaii. I think we found the perfect spot! We kept driving and soon found ourselves way out on the west side with some incredible greenery, mountains, and water all around us. No seriously, we just drove to where there was not a soul, out to where the road ends. We’d had so much rain in the last few months that everything was just the most perfect green color!

As always, it was so much fun to photograph everyone. Annie had their outfits so well organized and coordinated once again. And David (being the amazing husband he is) just begged me to have a few “makin’ out shots” with his wife. (Who does that?!) He just kept asking me if it was time to kiss her yet!

Of course, not only is David a wonderful husband but he is also a loving father to his two beautiful girls. I have absolutely loved getting to watch these two grow up before my eyes, and it was wonderful to get to photograph them one last time before they left!

Annie and David, I will truly miss you, your carefree spirits, and your trust that you placed in me to capture your magical time on Oahu. Until we meet again!



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