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April 6, 2016


Little Liam came to me at just 7 days old, and there are not enough words in this world to describe how amazingly the session went! He was truly a dream come true, and I loved having him in my studio.

I don’t think I ever witnessed Liam open his eyes for more than 5 minutes at a time—he was such a good sleeper. I was especially glad for his deep sleep, because Mom and Dad had asked me about having more than 3 scenes in his session. I can do extra scenes for a small upcharge, and I’m so glad they went for it!! We were able to get some amazing shots of this little guy while he stayed in his milk coma.

I loved all of the pictures—Liam at the school desk, Liam in the bucket with the aviator shades. . . . He was in such a deep sleep that he really just let me pose him and do whatever I needed to do to get the shot.

And, of course, this post wouldn’t be complete unless I gave a shout-out to Liam’s amazing parents! They were two of just the kindest souls you will ever meet, and Dad was more than willing to help me out with the composite shots and to keep the baby safe.

Thank you so much, N family, for allowing me to capture sweet baby Liam in his first few days of life! I am so excited to work with you folks in the future!



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