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April 28, 2015

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I have been lucky enough to photograph Nathan’s family for the past few years, and so when he came back to see me, I was so excited! This time, Nathan got to bask in the spotlight for his 3-year-old milestone photos.

We set out to the Hoomaluhia botanical gardens for his session because our last session was in the studio—and on the beach—so Mom wanted something a little different for these images. That worked out just fine for me—I love the gardens! They give kids a chance to run free, and I get to make use of several different types of scenery in the area.

I loved getting to capture Nathan down by the lake and even playing on the bridge—I love the joy that he exudes when I get him to laugh. We also took a few shots laying in the grass being very serious. 🙂 As you can see, it was difficult for Nathan to hold his smile in!

Thanks, Nathan, for being such a joy to photograph! I hope you enjoyed those Starbursts you earned for doing so well! 🙂 And I look forward to seeing your family again—I can’t wait for those annual family portraits!

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