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October 21, 2014

I’ve been photographing Baby Matteo from the time he was in the womb. I was honored to do maternity and newborn photos for the family as well, and now I get to do his 6-month photos! I was so excited to get to see this smiling little boy again.

Matteo is the happiest baby on Earth! Seriously, this kid is all smiles. He even gave me a few laughs while we were together. He’s so fun to photograph, and his big sister Emillia likes to have her picture taken as well, so we tried to get her in on the action as much as we could. Such fun kids!

My favorite image is the one with my new wishing well bucket. I loved seeing him pop his little head out and smile at me—always happy! Matteo also had fun being completely naked. I love a good naked baby bum shot. After all, they’re only young once, and you have to capture this precious time.

Mom and Dad, thank you for allowing me to be your Honolulu child photographer and bringing little Matteo back to see me. He really is so adorable, and I’m so pleased to get to see him grow! I hope to see your family back again soon.



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