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August 18, 2015

I know I always talk about how much I adore the families that I photograph, but this family takes the cake! Seriously, the worst part of the session was saying goodbye (it pains me to say goodbye to the amazing families I meet while they’re on vacation here)!

The Ligon family came all the way from Mississippi to visit the islands, and I can tell you that in the last few years, I have NEVER had anyone from Mississippi! I was really excited to get to know Robbie and her family.

Brad, Robbie’s husband, is quite the guy! He has the greatest sense of humor and was actually excited for the photos! Most dads are fighting to even break a smile, but this guy smiled the entire time and even begged for photos with his wife in the beginning. What guy does that? Brad does!

And the children were so well behaved. I know Robbie was worried about their daughter not cooperating because she had a bad experience before with a photographer. But she did so well! (A little candy is all you need, really.) And let’s not forget about their handsome son! He has just the most gorgeous blond hair and light eyes—he is for sure going to be a heart-breaker!

Ligon family, thank you again for such a memorable time on the incredible beaches of Oahu. Mahalo and much Aloha to all of you!



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