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July 30, 2015

I was so excited to shoot with the Baas family children, but also a little nervous! When I go into a shoot with young children, there is a small part of me that worries a bit. What if they don’t like me? What if the jokes I tell them make them cry? What if they won’t smile? What if, what if . . .

Well, this session had no “what ifs.” These little girls—Georgia and Clementine—were magnificent! They were both so excited for their time in the spotlight! And they had just had a new baby sister, Lavender, and she had just had newborn photos done—so now it was their turn. We even got to take a few pictures of the girls and Lavender toward the end of the session.

They had me smiling the entire time! They wanted to run with each other and just have fun, and those are the sessions I always love! (It certainly helped to have the coolest parents as well!)

Thank you, Baas family, for allowing me to capture your beautiful children! I can’t wait to have you back for milestones and family sessions.



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