Gabby is Twelve! | Haole Girl Personal


December 3, 2015


Recently, my daughter turned 12 years old, and what better way to celebrate than to haul her into the studio and take some photos? (Luckily, she is still at that age when she loves getting her picture taken, so getting her to agree to come to the studio was easy!)

Gabby is such a beautiful soul. She loves to laugh, and she loves helping others most of all—so I wanted to showcase some of that inner (and outer) beauty.

Of course, she also wanted to show off her “birthday girl” banner as well as her bun. She’s very proud that she was able to grow her hair out enough to get it in a bun all the way on top of her head!

Gabby, I am so proud of the beautiful young woman that you are blossoming into. I am so proud that I was chosen to be your mother through this journey we call life. I hope that next year, when you are a teenager, you will still love modeling for me! You are so beautiful and so loved.



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