Fleming Family | Waimanalo Beach


July 4, 2017

Waimanalo Beach Hawaii Family Portrait Photographer Hoaole Girl Photography

Where do I even start with this beautiful family? I have known them for years, ever since they asked me to take their newborn photos for little Tyler. I also did his first birthday photos, and now, I’m doing a Waimanalo Beach aloha session for the whole family!

We headed out to Waimanalo Beach to capture their last moments on the island before they move on to their next adventure. There was a little wind, and Tyler just wanted to run into the water instead of taking pictures, but we still had a great evening together out on the beach.

For this session, Mom wanted some shots of the family all together, as well as a few portraits of little Tyler. After all, he is growing so much that we need to preserve this time while we can. Even though Tyler is at the age where sitting still just doesn’t work for him, it was all good! I let him run around and play and captured candid shots instead—and they turned out beautifully. I love to get candid shots of little kids anyway, because they are always so joyful in the moment.

In addition to capturing family and individual photos, Mom had one more surprise for me: she’s expecting baby number 2! I was so excited to hear it, and I’m so, so happy for them—even if I’m sad that they won’t be here so that I can do the newborn photos for Tyler’s little brother or sister!

Mahalo, F family, for allowing me to freeze your memories for you! I sure hope a new adventure will bring you back this way again so that I can see you all again and meet your newest member of the family!

Waimanalo Beach Hawaii Family Portrait Photographer Hoaole Girl PhotographyWaimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0003Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0004Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0005Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0006Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0007Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0008Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0009Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0010Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0011Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0012Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0013Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0014Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0015Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0016Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0017Waimanalo-Beach-Hawaii-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Hoaole-Girl-Photography_0018


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