The Danahy family | Family Photographer in Oahu | Haole Girl


January 21, 2016


This session totally made my day! The Danahys arrived at the park with their adorable toddler in tow, and the adventure started off with a bang.

Their cute little boy started out the session totally wanting to ham it up for the camera—seriously, we had like the best 10 minutes ever—before, suddenly, it happened. The TERRIBLE TWOs. I couldn’t help but laugh as he refused to sit with his parents and kept finding ways to slowly slither out of their hands. My own kids are 12 and 14, so these days are long over for me, but I am constantly reminded when I photograph younger children that, yes, those days still exist!

So, what could I do? Well, I usually combat the tantrums with a little candy and bribes, or I try to chase them around while I try to get in some shots. I’d say we did pretty well in this session for being in the middle of a toddler moment, wouldn’t you?

Thank you so much, Danahy family, for coming to me for your family pictures. It was an honor to photograph you and to have a fun reminder and witness of real life with small children!



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