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March 31, 2016


Baby Winnie came to me for her 3-month session a few weeks ago, and she is just the cutest thing! Mom wasn’t able to get newborn photos for Winnie when she first came into the world (time just passed too quickly), so this was a good chance to capture her beautiful face professionally.

Winnie definitely wasn’t into smiling for her session. She just wanted to “chill” and relax instead of taking pictures, but we were still able to snag some great images for Mom. She couldn’t quite hold herself up yet, so we resorted to baskets and the rug. While she wasn’t the biggest fan of the basket, we were able to catch her “chillin.”

When Winnie arrived at the studio, she was wearing the cutest little bloomers, and she had the most gorgeous strawberry birthmark tucked away—which of course I had to capture in a photo. I also loved the tummy photo—I just loved capturing the beginning of her little muffin top.

Mahalo, Alyssa, for bringing her to me! I can’t wait to watch her grow!



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