Baby Kenndrick & Big Brother Sean | Oahu Sibling Photographer | Haole Girl


March 15, 2016


Baby Kenndrick is already 3 months old—can you believe it? He was just so full of smiles and spunk the whole session, and I had a blast with him and his big brother, Sean!

I absolutely loved the outfit that Mom chose for Kenndrick. He looked so handsome wearing that hat and tie—he’s going to be a heartbreaker for sure.

We were even able to get Sean into the action for a few photos. What gorgeous boys! These two are just too wonderful for words, and I was so glad Sean was willing to take some photos with his brother.

Thank you, Pam, for bringing Kenndrick to me for his 3-month milestone. I can’t wait to see him again for his 6-month photos!



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