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ewa beach newborn photographer

March 21, 2017


Sweet little Greyson came to me around 3 weeks in age. While I usually like to take newborns at 5–14 days old, Greyson came into the world a little early, so just judging by size, he was almost around the 14 day mark, adjusted.

As soon as Greyson came to the studio, he spent the whole first hour of the session just checking me out—wide-eyed and taking everything all in! After all, he did just come into the world after spending 9 months in the dark.

But then, after we’d finally fed him enough (he really loves to eat) and snuggled him a bit, Greyson slipped into dreamland, and I was able to work some magic. We pulled out hats, wraps, and buckets to pose him with—as well as a gorgeous blanket that Mom had brought to the session. I loved the colors on it!

Plus, his parents are the most beautiful people—just look at them! It’s no wonder where Greyson gets his looks from!

Thanks to Greyson’s mom and dad for allowing me to capture this moment for you! He was such a doll, and I can’t wait to watch him grow in the future.



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