Nicholas is ONE! | Oahu Cake Smash | Haole Girl

ewa beach cake smash photographer

May 31, 2016


Can you believe little Nicholas is one? Mom brought him to me for a beautiful Oahu cake smash session even as she is just about to deliver Nicholas’s baby brother (bless her soul). She drove all over town the day before to find the stat’s board! (Just for future reference parents—they are at Babies R Us!)

Nicholas was a tough little boy! Mom and I had to work for a few smiles from him, but it was certainly worth it. He’s a serious kind of guy, but if you look closely, you can see that he cracked a few smiles in the midst of smashing his cake!

He was a pretty neat little cake smasher. He very daintily put his fingers into it before he decided it was a good treat. Then he had a few fistfuls that were shoveled into his mouth!

Thank you, Jamie, for allowing me to capture this precious milestone for you and Baby Nicholas! I hope to work with you again in the future!



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