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February 10, 2020

If you’re on vacation in stunning Oahu, Hawaii, why not take time out of your busy schedule to do a family photo shoot?

It’s a great idea, because you’ll have these documentations of your memories to last the rest of your lives. You can give them to the world through Facebook, Twitter, your own private blog, etc. And you can get excellent photography service from a shop that’s based on modern family portrait philosophy, not your grandfather’s stuffy old studio practices.

Meet Nicole

Nicole has been doing quality creative island photography for a long time. But aside from basic expertise and acumen when it comes to lighting and composition, she also brings a narrative artistic approach to family photos and photo shoots.

Think about it – you have some of the most stunning scenery right there on the island. It can be a really great experience to walk out on your favorite beach or take a short trip to some of this stunning panoramic beauty, and get your pictures taken with a real life background instead of a green screen. That’s a pretty good idea to a lot of folks. They just don’t know who to call.

Gentle, Non-Intrusive Photography Where You’re in Charge

Some of the reasons that people pass up an excellent photo shoot opportunity is because they remember the old traditional way of doing business – the staged photograph, where the hapless subjects deferred to the “experts” – often guys who spent most of their lives in a darkroom – to get situated kind of like toy soldiers or dolls.

Yes, 150 years ago, you saw sepia-toned photographs of individuals standing stiffly and scowling as someone took their picture with a Lumiere machine…

But as recently as the 1980s and 1990s, professional portrait photographers were briskly arranging people as if they were dominoes, moving them around by their shoulders under the pretext of finding the best positioning.

When you need quality family shoots, you want a process that’s less intrusive – that only moves people as a last resort. We’re not ‘handsy’ over here and we don’t do photography the way they did back in the pre-digital days. Nicole’s approach is to let you do the talking in pictures – to bring a natural realism that comes through in the shots. That’s really the only way to do it anymore.

Take a look at the web to see more about Nicole and what she brings to the table as well as her interests, her pets, her style and her unique approach to small business. Then call!


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