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March 12, 2015


Danielle contacted me a few months ago wanting to do photos for her and her husband, Jeff. Jeff was just about to head off on a military adventure, and so Danielle wanted some images before he left—and I wanted to make sure they were fantastic so they would stay with her while he was away!

We went to Westside Oahu, and the session ended up looking gorgeous! The forecast called for rain, but, man, was it wrong. It was a little cloudy at the start of the session, but it turned out to be just fantastic!

When Jeff and Danielle arrived, they brought an added bonus to the shoot—their dog, Dallas! Is he not the most gorgeous dog ever?! Look at his eyes! He was certainly a spitfire on the beach—he wanted to run and play and did not want anything to do with pictures (unless it was taking pictures while he was eating sand). Just like a toddler! So we let Dallas run a bit with Jeff, snapped a few pictures, and then went back to running. Dallas was sure upset when I had to hold his leash so I could get some photos of just his owners.

I think my favorite images from the session have to be the ones where Danielle and Jeff were in the water. They were up for anything! Of course, I also love Dallas’s photo.

Thank you, Danielle & Jeff, for not being afraid to jump in and make some memories! Best wishes to you both, and I hope to see you in the future.



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