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May 22, 2014

Oh, baby Jack. I just can’t get enough of you!

Little Man Jack wasn’t quite sure what to hink of his cake. He went through periods of uncertainty, to joy, to plain thinking we were absurd and yelling at us about it haha! Through it all though, he was just absolutely adorable. Every little dimple, every little roll. ALl of him was just sweeter than the cake itself ;).

His personality shined through all of his photos – if he wasn’t happy, he definitely wasn’t afraid to let us know. I so thoroughly enjoyed having this little guy in my studio. He is just so adorable!

Cake Smash photo sessions in my Honolulu photography studio are just so much fun. And hey – the messier, the better! I love capturing those slobbery little fingers and frosted little toes. Every detail is just so precious, and crucial to this time of watching your baby grow up!

If you are currently searching through Honolulu Photographers in hopes of finding someone to capture your little one’s first year, I would love to talk to you! It would be an absolute honor to photograph your little one as they grow up, and their cake smash! Please visit the contact form at the top of my site to receive more information, and let’s get to planning!


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