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February 19, 2015

Baby Evelyn came to me to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash, and cute little Evelyn definitely had her own ideas about how she wanted the session to go!

Mom had this beautiful cake made—the cutest little petite cake ever!—at Cake Works in Honolulu. What a splendid cake they created just for Evelyn—and Evelyn just did not care at all about the cake, who made it, or why in the heck we were encouraging her to smash this thing! In fact, she was completely afraid of it. She touched it one time, and that was enough for her!

We tried to encourage her by breaking open the back of the cake so she could see the yummy goodness inside. That was the ticket! Well, actually, giving her the spoon that we opened the cake up with was the ticket . . . . Those few smiles only lasted a brief minute or so, though, until Evelyn decided she was completely done with cake, spoons, balloons, and anything else birthday related.

Mom and Dad, I know to may not seem like many smiles from Evelyn, but you certainly walked away with some great new memories! Thanks for a fun session, and I hope to see you again soon!



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