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October 13, 2015


Sweet Baby Tyler came to me at just 11 days old, and he was just so adorable! Tyler was a good little sleeper, so peaceful and calm, and he did so well during our session.

Mom brought a gorgeous quilt that a family friend had made for them, and Tyler fit so nicely on it! (I love it when parents bring something that is sentimental to add to their newborn photos—it brings just the right personal touch.) We also did a “Hawaii” photo to commemorate the place where he was born, and he looked so adorable in my new knit sack, next to the surfboard.

In fact, Tyler did so well that I was even able to get him into my new crate that I had just received from Intuitions Backgrounds!

And Tyler wasn’t the only one who made this session go so well. I know I always say I have cool families, but Tyler’s parents were just so amazing and fun! They didn’t take things too seriously and just rolled with the way things played out, which is especially good when you’ve got a newborn!

Everything about Tyler’s session was amazing from beginning to end. Thank you, Mom & Dad, for bringing Tyler to me. I hope he comes back to see me again as he hits his milestones!



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