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January 8, 2015

When Isabelle’s mommy contacted me several months before her shoot to reserve a spot for her precious baby girl, I was SO excited! She’d told me about a purchase she made that she wanted to use for the shoot—ruby red slippers and a Wizard of Oz diaper cover!

I LOVE the Wizard of Oz! Like I can say every word while it’s playing. 🙂 I was so excited to see what we could do with this!

Unfortunately, I guess Baby Isabelle wasn’t as excited as I was about the session. She wanted nothing to do with sleeping when she first arrived, so we tried to swaddle her up and lull her to sleep. She wasn’t having that either! She was able to Houdini her way out of the swaddle—what a stinker. But we finally were able to get her into a semi deep sleep, so I was able to pose her in the baskets. As you can see, she sure loved keeping her tongue out!

My favorite image is of course the one where she has the ruby red slippers and diaper cover on. We got her asleep enough (at last) to do that pose where her leg is hanging. 🙂

Her brother is equally adorable, of course. At first, when he was finally able to hold her, he just kept giving us the fake cheesy grin, but I surely adore the shots of him giving her sweet kisses. 🙂

Thanks so much, Mom, for bringing Isabelle my way! She and her brother are absolutely beautiful, and I hope to see them both again soon.



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