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October 1, 2015


Introducing little Baby Ava! She is just the prettiest little girl, coming to me 8 days after she was born, and she was already one of the most alert newborns that I have ever photographed!

I was able to get some wonderful time with Ava just staring into her eyes. This cutie did not want to sleep! She hung on to every second of awake time that she could—staring at everyone and everything she could fixate her eyes on. Not even swaddling would work—she was too determined to see the world!

So, after about an hour, we gave in and decided to just capture her with her eyes open. We got her in her daddy’s uniform, and then after about two hours, we were able to accommodate Mom’s request as well. She had wanted to get her little princess in the princess carriage for the pictures.

Dad had also seen a picture of mine that I had done in a motorcycle helmet, and he asked if we could do one of those for this session. We literally had seconds to snap the photos before she woke up from her light sleep! I guess the world was just too interesting to stay asleep for too long. 🙂

Mahalo, Wing family, for allowing me to capture your new arrival! I had a blast with you and truly enjoyed all the time we spent together. Oh, and thank you so much for the rockin’ Yelp review!



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